"We used to spend $3000 a month on newspaper and radio ads that only netted 3 or 4 new customers, basically wasting money. Local Synergy changed all that, now we only spend around $800 and we're getting 15 to 20 new customers a month!".

-Dave Schmitt Sid's Beverage

what can we do for you

It’s simple, we’ll get your phone ringing with qualified customers who are looking to purchase your services.

And we’ll do this with zero upfront cost and no contacts to sign. Our online marketing experts place targeted local ads all over the internet at no cost to you. Those ads have a special phone number on them that will be forwarded directly to your business.

We then track those calls and only charge you after a customer calls you.

So in a nutshell, we spend all the upfront time and money it takes to advertise your business online, and you don’t pay a penny until you see the results.

Mobile Website

Is your website mobile friendly? If not you could be losing up to 55% of the customers who try to view your website on their cellphone

We can make sure your website is fully viewable
and functional to all cellphone users

This simple change can double the amount of customers who view and buy from your website

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Lead Generation

We do all the advertising and send you leads

Pay for results – You only pay when a customer calls you

This is a great way to get a lot of new customers without any upfront fees

No contracts, zero risk. Contact us today and let’s talk about sending free leads to your business for two weeks

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what can we do for your business

Drastically increase your customer base while slashing your advertising cost. Radio, television, and newspapers are all dying breeds. Today people go online when they’re trying to find something.

We take all the guess work out of advertising by letting you know in advance how much you will pay for each customer that calls you.

You no longer have to spend thousands on ads and then cross your fingers hoping enough people see them to make them worth while. With our system, if no one calls you don’t pay a penny. There is absolutely no risk involve

Our phone has been ringing off the hook,Thanks to Local Synergy!
- Debbie Bauman, Green Ladies Cleaning

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We guarantee to send you quality calls from local customers who are actively seeking your services. You will never pay for duplicate or unsolicited calls. Our team is dedicated to helping you grow and expand your business, and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are 100% satisfied