Pay Per Click Client Questionnaire

As part of our free pay per click consultation process, we ask that our clients complete our web design questionnaire.

The intention of these questions is to setup your campaign and get your brand recognized. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all the questions, but the more information you are able to give the better.

Company Name:
Contact Name: 
Contact’s position:

1. What is your target monthly budget to spend in Paid Search? (including Agency Fees)

2. What actions do you want visitors to take from advertising?

3. What is the value of each of these actions? How will you know you’ve achieved it?

4. How many of these actions are you looking for each month?

5. Where and when should your ads be running? What languages?

6. What are your most important products/services that you will be advertising?

7. What is your approximate margin on these products/services?

8. Do you have dedicated landing pages discussing these products/services? If so, what are the URLs?

9. What are the features/benefits of buying these products?

10. How aggressively do you want to approach budget restrictions? If profitable clicks are available, should budget be increased?

11. How frequently do you want to be updated with account results?

12. Are you aware of any keywords related to your products/services that draw in customers?

13. Are there any keywords we should avoid in our campaigns?

14. Are there any trademarks, copyrights or other information we should know about when writing ads?

15. List your top 3-5 competitors and their websites here