Search Engine Optimization Client Questionnaire

As part of our free SEO consultation process, we ask that our clients complete our web design questionnaire.

Our SEO questionnaire is broken down into several parts. It starts off by collecting some general company background and technical aspects of the SEO project. Afterwards, we ask for specific client content requirements and expectations. We finish up by exploring other opportunities that can help the client achieve their online goals.

Company Name:
Contact Name: 
Contact’s position:
1. Which actions on the site are most important to you? 
2. Are there any specific dollar values or relative levels of importance you assign to activities on the site? 
3. Are there sections of the site that are more valuable/higher priority than others? 
4. Who is your target audience or ideal customer? 
5. Can you list out any specific industries or sectors you want to target? 
6. What are your company’s unfair advantages? 
7. What are some key reasons your best prospects don’t choose you? 
8. What does success for the engagement look like? 
9. Is there something you suspect “isn’t quite right” in your data? 
10. Are there other domains you own? 
11. Are there “copies” of your site that may live elsewhere on the web? 
12. Has the site been penalized (to your knowledge)? If there’s been a significant traffic drop in the past, do you know or suspect why that may have occurred? 
13. What link building have you or any vendor done in the past? 
14. Share your perspective on possible keyword targets. Are there certain terms you think would work particularly well? 
15. Are there any technical issues or sections of the site you’d like us to pay particular attention to? 
16. Do you have any reporting, keyword research, and audit information from previous SEOs you’ve worked with? 
17. Who will be responsible for and available to make technical updates to the site (such as implementing redirects, making on-page enhancements to increase page load times, etc.)? 
18. What is your planned content schedule (if you have one)? Who will be creating content for your site and how much content do they plan to create (a blog post a day, an in-depth article once a month, nothing consistently, etc.)? 
19. How do you plan to promote new content? 
20. Are there sites you’d label as your biggest “competitors”? 
21. Are there any publications/websites that are frequently read by your target audience? 
21. Are there any publications/websites that are frequently read by your target audience?