Social Media Marketing Client Questionnaire

As part of our free social media marketing consultation process, we ask that our clients complete our web design questionnaire.

The intention of these questions is to to craft a winning social media strategy that proves your worth and delivers a major return on investment. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all the questions, but the more information you are able to give the better.

Company Name:
Contact Name: 
Contact’s position:

1. What is your purpose on social media?

2. What is your brand’s objective?

3. What do you hope to achieve using social media? How will you know you’ve achieved it?

4. What’s the biggest barrier to your success on social media?

5. How does social media fit into your growth plan?

6. Describe your target audience. Who are they?

7. What social platforms do they use?

8. What issues matter to them?

9. How does your brand engage them?

10. What social listening have you done? What does your audience say about you?

11. Who else (brands/celebrities/people) does your audience engage with?

12. Describe your brand voice.

13. What tone should social media updates have?

14. What is the main message your brand is trying to communicate?

15. What makes your brand different from others?

16. Why do people choose you over your competitors?

17. What’s your brand vision?

18. What resources do you have available for content creation?

19. What type of content does your audience respond to best (if known)?

20. What type of content do you want to create for your audience (images, video, quotes, blog posts, etc.)?